A wandering nomad with an unique nuance!

March 28, 2012

I would say Life is “Live For-Ever!” and not “Live For Everyone!”

September 20, 2011

Life is not a bed of roses; certainly not.

It’s perhaps, a path of hidden surprises, challenges, happiness, and sometimes worries and difficulties. Do you get a feeling that your life is been decided and designed by somebody else at some point in your life? I get it most of the times. Of course, you can get rid of it, but when you see your beloved ones suffering because of getting rid of things, then your automatic reaction is to accept things as it is; isn’t it?

So why are we exposed to such situations in life? What are we supposed to do at such times? Sit and Cry? Yes, but only for some time (worst case couple of hours) and then? The best thing would be to discard such situations! But again the question is how far and how long? The only answer is, till the day you cannot discard it anymore. What happens then? Well, you got to decide, obviously giving you the first priority and then comes others, including your beloved ones. Is this the best solution? May be yes and may be not!? Think clearly and cleverly to decide on something that would not make you repent in the later part of your life.

Is there is a problem in life; however complicated it may be, try to solve it without getting involved in it! By this way, you could
avoid the emotional trauma involved in the problem.

According to me, life works like a trial or error method, so one way doesn’t work, keep trying other ways. It might be getting delayed, but one day you will succeed! Till then, save your energy, stop cribbing, and start enjoying every moment in your life!

Well, I would like to answer a question: Who am I to provide suggestions? I am a fellow human being, striving hard in this world to get rid of worst scenarios to the best of my knowledge and live my life every moment!

By the way, whatever I said does not come under the category of ‘suggestions’ then? Perhaps would be more appropriate to include in the category of ‘Whining of a fellow human being!”

It’s Spring Time Dude!

April 2, 2011

Spring’s rein has started to overpower with rain in its
favorite Seattle; wet everywhere! Well, mat, pet, and every ‘it’ is wet!

Like, an unimaginable love that could ever happen for the
victim of pleasure on the bed of thorns, it is indeed rare, unique, and
immensely resolute in its form; Lucky Seattle!

I Wish; I Was a Snowman!

November 23, 2010

It is something like sifting the confectionery sugar above a delightful dessert; no, probably it is something that could be linked to beautiful white flowers that are made up of whipped cream (with no extra flavors); or else, it could be similar to white rain that are poured by the angels in the heaven in order to turn everything pure and unadulterated in the world! Bewildered??? Regarding what I am talking about? It’s none other than the ‘Snow Showers’ that I experienced yesterday and today in my place, Seattle, Washington.

I and my husband were discussing something in his office and I wasn’t aware that it is snowing outside, but when I came out, I was stunned, excited and shocked. I didn’t imagine such an amazing drizzling of snow showers, just in front of my eyes! I screamed I jumped; to be frank I couldn’t fix my feet on the ground! That one minute of experience was more precious, than the rarest diamond stone on earth; more elegant than the ‘Nobel Price’; in short it was as divine as the mother’s milk!

I ought to rather depict a poem, regarding my wonderful experience…

Why am I at home?
Bored and alone!
Either should be my fate, or my luck!
So, did I think many times!

Elegant was the Aurora in new white
And in mysteriously sworn, cold porous casing,
I did, as lief go today as tomorrow
Picture of snow white castles in front of my eyes!

Should praise her generosity,
For the gentle puffs of purity
Equivalent to luring kiss of pure love
And also adorning the nails of greens in crystallized white!

Enchanted by her gaze
Not in great shape and size
But was most beautiful heiress
I wish; I was a snowman!

Bestowed with the divine taste
Of her luxuriant lips; warm and romantic
Didn’t want to get released,
From her poetic enticement!

I ought not to bid her adieu,
But, she did spread her white gown
As a white carpet on the ground,
With a frowning face!

Her hands waived me to go,
Her heart didn’t
But she masked it,
After seeing my numbed fingers!

I couldn’t forget her
Stayed at my doorsteps for her arrival,
She is the princess of promises
Hence, never fails to bang my door!

I understood my luck,
No complaints about loneliness,
As I am tangled in this season
With my white Aurora!

I am looking forward for more chilling and poetic experience, this winter! I owe this to my ‘White Aurora’ (my snow girl) and to God, who had granted me with extra sense to look into the beauty of her! It is still snowing, what a wonderful experience. There may be numerous poems, and narrative stories in praising the snowfall, but none could be compared to the moment of experiencing by your own. Hence, if it snows in front of your house, there is no need to open your doors, but please don’t forget to open your minds!


July 1, 2010

I am not happy in writing about this particular happening. It happened yesterday, when we went to a Mediterranean restaurant in Seattle, WA. The cashier over there is a native person; i had seen her during my last visit; so obviously yesterday was our second visit to the place.

As soon as I entered, I was observing the cashier; she was talking very well to her native people (from her country), but she gazed us (me and my husband) with an annoyed look; that was really disgusting! From her look, one could definitely tell that the racial discrimination is a strong inhabitant with a long life!

Like you, even I was shocked! I was totally irritated. My husband ordered for one falafel – to go (parcel) and when he thanked her, she unwillingly uttered, thanks. I thought that Martin’s dream, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnwDeZrGCzI&feature=related has come true, but I was wrong; though we are Asians! I wonder, what has made the woman to behave in that way; is that because of the love, she has got for her country? Do you agree with this? I don’t!

According to me, if a person has a great love for his country, then it’s his responsibility to take care of his country’s pride and especially in case of other people (non–native people), it’s an honour to be a representative of your precious, awesome country, rather than responsibility!

I would like to conclude by saying that, such behaviours don’t affect the others, but in turn it affects the person, who exhibits such behaviours; it affects their attitude, which in turn will ruin their perceptions, their social behaviour and also affects their approach to people management and relationship!

We are all humans and we are living in one world. Let us not hunt each other; after all, we are bestowed with humanity!

“More than Others!”

June 16, 2010

It was a dark night; terribly cold. I was moving ahead in a dense forest. I was extremely scared; seeing images through the foggy wind, but I was doing a dancing movement of turning my neck in all possible directions; it wasn’t sweating, as it was cold to death!

That night, I came to know, I have done a greatest mistake of having been fascinated by Sherlock Holmes, Alfred Hitchcock, vampire stories…! I could see, two bright sparklers on the trees; Owls! A distant murmurings from a descent; it could be the bats (or Vampires???)! My legs were playing the part of the great Golden Gate Bridge to millions of small creatures; couldn’t even identify! I was often terrified; then and there by the echoes of my footsteps! Where am I going? To the other side of the forest, from where, I would probably be connected to a road, but how and when? It was similar to my future, which was even filled up with infinite number of questions, rather than answers!

I was moving ahead; fast; you can do it; you can…. Suddenly, I was touched by a hand; I started screaming; No, please leave me; the sound was so loud that it could even break a glass, full of water! But I could sense the warmth of the touch; so firm and strong; it didn’t leave me, still!

Then, I was shaken; Wake Up, Wake Up; it’s getting late for your math exam!

From that stage, which was fairly recorded in my memory to the numerous stages till date, like Advising the right job; Providing the best recipe in a phone call; Horoscope prediction, etc…

You were with me;

You are with me;

You will be with me, forever;

I truly learnt the meaning of the word ‘Sacrifice’ from You; You sacrificed, Your entire life for us (me and my brothers)! Do you remember, when I was around 8-10 years (I suppose!), I had to wear civilian dress instead of the school uniform, for one Saturday to my school; I was standing in front of the mirror; was bewildering with dress colours, styles, accessories… etc, when I asked You regarding the choice of my dress, You said;

“I dreamt you to give importance of being intelligent, rather than being beautiful in life!”

After that day, I started concentrating and focusing on studies; started diverting my interest towards general knowledge; totally got induced with the thoughts of aiming higher and bigger in life! And don’t be surprised, if I say that it’s getting pursued till date with me… but I have one thing of Yours; it truly belongs to You; sorry for holding the thing with me; nothing but the Gold Medal (honoured-M.B.A graduation) won by me during M.B.A graduation; it truly belongs to You, my Mom!

You are the ideal woman, I have ever seen in my life and You stand still in my heart, as my role model!

How could I conclude Mom, there is no end; according to me, You are:

More than Others” – Mother, my Great ‘Vijayalakshmi S’!

To me; always!

I salute You, my Mom; I owe You a lot, but I am sure that I cannot pay my debt, ever, forever in my births!

A Story of “Creative Icon of Cognizance”

May 17, 2010

It was a lonely, monotonous highway of a big city, “Techno World”; no people, no vehicles, no entertainment on the way; likewise my journey started to my home town, which is called as “Cognizance”! I ought to climb a mountain on the way to my town, “The General I” (The General Intelligence)! which I always dreamt, but couldn’t try, because:

They said, I was small and were lacking in default reasoning,

They said, I was too young and had not enough knowledge about practical world,

They said I was not grown up with the breadth of commonsense…

“Probably, you would have climbed, when you were young!” would be the dialogue, when I turn older; I smiled!

I stopped; started climbing:

Initiated by cognitive simulation;

Persuaded by my neural networks;

Motivated by the expert system of my mind!

I wasn’t alone; I was accompanied by my friend, “H. Brain (Human Brain)”; I wouldn’t overwhelm with success without his support and encouragement; a great companion all the time! Both of us had the passion of climbing the mountain, which accelerated the process of reaching the top! We were about to submit our passion to the summit of the mountain, but became a victim of a stormy, snowy wind; were brought down unwillingly; couldn’t resist; it was a threat to extinction!

It is not an easy task, especially when you were devastated by the intrusion of failure in your life… the same with us, but decided to combat the trace of sarcasm, owned by the failure, by integrating our strengths and positive abilities. When we decided that “Failure is the stepping stone to success!” we were spirited up the passion within us, which lightened up our attitude to the greatest altitude of the mountain; the summit!

I am extremely happy to portray my accomplishment; now I am also named as the “Creative Icon” of my home town for my hard pursuance of optimized evolutionary practices!

— Hereby

Artificial Intelligence!

Description: (this section would help in revealing the objective of my sample; hope would also depict the blend of my writing skills with technology)
This is an autobiography of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ portraying, what is considered as the apple of its eye; difficulties and threats faced by it; how many practical incompatibilities faced; finally, how did it reach the peak of success? With who’s help?
“The General Intelligence” is the apple of eye (objective) of any research in AI; hence I have kept that as the theme of this story and narrated in the voice of AI itself!
I have also described both the pros and cons of AI in the story:
• Cognitive simulation
• Neural networks
• Expert system
• Default reasoning
• Enough knowledge about practical world
• Breadth of commonsense


Men make the machines; Men assist the machines; Men deploy the machines; hence integrating the strengths and abilities of machines and men in the right way would definitely lead to the success of any technology. This can be achieved in case of AI through optimized evolutionary practices, which in turn forms the conclusion of this story. 



April 22, 2010

Showing my head to my blog site after weeks…
Hello everybody!
I was busy writing my ‘Jokes’ books. It has come in a good shape; I am really happy about writing Jokes books! Before initiating the process of writing the books, I thought, “What’s the big deal about jokes?!” but, it was in the other way… Now, I could tell you, how difficult it is to frame a joke! The success of a joke entirely lies on the significance of its delivery to audiences!
I have also discovered that there are many varieties in jokes and I have listed the categories with examples, which I have included in my book:

Pun Jokes
On seeing his girlfriend, the romantic florist rose to get the two-lips!

Funny Jokes
First thief: I am going to write a book!
Second thief: Hey, great! What is the title of the book?
First thief: “Brain mapping with hands!”

One Liners
An evil onion’s death was followed with tears!

According to me, the joke should talk by itself, rather being explained! The most beautiful part about my books is that it contains the life history of great comedians! I have included the histories of ‘Charlie Chaplin’ (http://www.charliechaplin.com/); ‘Laurel and Hardy’ (http://www.laurel-and-hardy.com/); ‘Bill Cosby’ (http://www.billcosby.com/); ‘Peter Sellers’ (http://www.petersellers.com/). A deep analysis about their life histories has taught me a fact that ‘sense of humour’ is not the necessary ability to become a great comedian; rather, the ‘sense of hiding worries’, is what the significant ability to become a comedian.

My first post!

April 2, 2010

Am I a troglodyte? To confess, it is ‘Yes!’  I kept myself away from Blogs, Facebook, twitter, etc… I love to be in techno world (without knowing its magical spells), but purposefully made an environment for myself, which was totally devoid of latest technological accomplishments! 

My dynamic mojo-‘to go’;

Stopwatch to my garrulity;

Pit stop of my creative mind;

Devil’s advocate, whenever I debate;

Taste buds to my cooking;

Microsoft spells check of my writing;

Thruster to my knowledge thirst;

                                                                                                You are!

Sometimes, Socrates;

Many times, Shakespeare;

Most of the times, ‘My hero’

All the time, “My lover”

It’s a portrait about my loving husband ‘global handler’. I am a typical South Indian girl, who dreamt about getting a husband like ‘Lord Rama!’ I am not betrayed; I am happy (ought to be forever!).

Bewildered” thinking, ‘What is the need of all this fairy tales at this context?’

It’s my responsibility to narrate about him in my first blog, because it is him, who motivated me to wet my creative thoughts in ink!

Finally, your dream has come true; dedicating my first blog to you; this wouldn’t be possible without you!

Loving you my husband, forever!